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Happy Thanksgiving To Supporters of Public Advocate

Happy Thanksgiving To Supporters of Public Advocate

In a special message to supporters of Public Advocate, Eugene Delgaudio, president said in part:

"It is only by your steadfast support and prayers and sacrifices that I and Public Advocate are able to fight for Family Values in America.

I am thankful....... I am offering up prayers of thanksgiving for you and your family.

By your tireless support, we have stopped the "transgender bathroom agenda" cold. And we are expecting President-Elect Trump to completely reverse Obama's disastrous policy.

We challenged the Homosexual Lobby in fight after fight, and sent them limping home.

Voters even turned against many candidates who were allied to the Homosexual Lobby.

It is such a miraculous change from just one year ago.

We are now seeing pro-Family advocates nominated for key positions in the next presidential administration.

I'm even very hopeful that we will see a dedicated conservative, pro-Family judge appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court..

.............And please offer up a prayer of thanks to the Lord for pouring out new blessings on America.

Happy Thanksgiving."