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NYC Mayor deBlasio & Democrats Defying Trump on Sanctuary Cities Is A 'Mistaken Bet'

Krauthammer's Take: Democrats Defying Trump on Sanctuary Cities Is a 'Mistaken Bet' by NR STAFF November 16, 2016

National Review reports:

Charles Krauthammer identified the issue of sanctuary cities as a scandal, even before Donald Trump took issue with them, and he said that Democrats would be foolish to defy federal authority to defend them: Sanctuary cities were a scandal before Trump. It's in defiance of federal authority. Federal authority is legitimate. The people who did this in the past were the racists in the south who defied federal authority on civil rights, so now it's in the name of something that appears to be humanitarian. It's something that should not be allowed.

The Democrats have tolerated it, and I think Trump would be within his rights to withhold funds, and he should. And the Democrats are making a big bet, and a mistaken one, if they decide they're going to defy the federal government and what seems to be common sense: Control your borders.