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WND: Want movie to make more money? Drop 'gay' content (Hollywood)

World Net Daily is reporting

Movies with no homosexual content make about six times more money at the box office than movies with some, frequent or heavy homosexual content, according to a three-year study by Movieguide and the Christian Film & Television Commission.

The study is part of a detailed economic report to the entertainment industry recently released by Movieguide and the family advocacy group's founder, Ted Baehr.

"We do an analysis of all [categories of] the box office and for many years, people would say that violence sells or sex sells and of course, we've found that not to be the case," Baehr told WND.

Homosexual content in a movie may sell to the "the 2.5 or 3 percent who claim to be LGBT or homosexual or bisexual, but 98 percent of the moviegoers who don't think about that, think about family and think about marriage."

Baehr, as well as industry insiders, say it would be difficult to find anyone within Hollywood's A-list willing to make a public comment on the study, but the commission's hope is that filmmakers think about their pocketbooks before investing their efforts in homosexual content.