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Youtuber Video: Hillary Clinton Lies Signal end of her campaign and end of liberal news media

Youtube and twitter are full of reports, videos, and comments.

One of the "unknowns" or as Clinton refers to these people as "deplorables" is Stefan Molyneaux who has 2,345 videos and 245,000 views.

He predicts the end of the Clinton campaign and the end of the "old style media" as people
realize the media in America have covered up for Hillary's repeated and daily lies to the public.

And he predicts the beginning of truthful new media which helps report reality and reliable
and verifiable news.

Stefan Molyneux explains in a short youtube video of 13 minutes why Hillary Clinton's medical
collapse signals the end of her campaign and the end of traditional liberal news media
networks who are part of the cover-up.

Prior to this collapse youtuber Molyneaux observes she has many other illness and symptoms being reported
and that many of the Clinton campaign lies, misreprentations and outright fabrications were repeated
hourly by all the major "professional" news groups.

He says in part these comments (paraphrasing)

(Liberal Media Elites supporting Clinton) .....there can be no decent reason for that the only reason would be well we're stuck with this person she made it she may not be well but let's not find out let's not let people know because if we do
(they will think ill of us)..............

...........she is unwell then be what what's called the alternative media I guess "alt., control, delete" that would be the approach, that the ultimate of media is (in cahoots) to the Clinton campaign

....the alternative media was the one that was raising these issues that I see and answer ..... it's a 1984 style

its chilling for the Democrats now those of us who studied this issue for many years I pretty much of that position anyway
(that the media is bought and paid for) .... but for a lot of other people there is a semblance of objectivity and there is a semblance of a police in nonpartisanship but it comes to the mainstream media that he's going to go completely out the window (now) and it is going to be a turning point when it comes to how we can best inform people about reality of (practic) about objectivity...." (paraphrasing here)

Full video at