Defending the family

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Defends Gays From Mass Murder: Gay Speaker Condemns Obama for hijacking mass murder by islamic terrorist

No, the Advocate, a pro-gay rights openly anti-Family publication and Public Advocate are not in agreement or even working together.

But our organization opposes, since our beginning, violence against any American for political differences and believes in peaceful protest.

Public Advocate finds the singling out of homosexuals in the Orlando, Florida to be deplorable and we condemn it.

And it seems fairly staightforward to Public Advocate and openly gay Republicans like Milo, the bane of Twitter, and a former mayoral candidate in Orlando, Florida to observe that President Obama hijacked the mass murder of homosexuals by a radical islamist into gun control.

At least the pro-gay rights anti-Family Advocate publication reports it.

Former Orlando mayoral candidate Randy Ross lambasted President Barack Obama's attempt to blame guns for the Orlando terror attack instead of blaming radical Islam.

"While victims were in the hospital, families were grieving, funeral arrangement were being made for the victims, our city mourning, [Obama] turned the conversation into one of gun control" said Ross, a gay speaker who was speaking at Donald Trump's Aug. 11 rally in Kissimmee, Florida.

According to the Advocate, Ross said Obama's speech wrongly switched the emphasis from the threat of radical Islam to a plea for more gun control for law-abiding citizens.