Defending the family

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Polls Close in Wisconsin. Public Advocate reached 250,000 to ask Paul Ryan About Betrayal of Religious Liberty

"The polls are now closed and Public Advocate used social
media sites and online browser advertisments to reach over 250,000
Wisconsin voters to ask Paul Ryan about his recent betrayal
of religious liberty. No matter the result of today's primary,
we did our best to stand up for Wisconsin's and America's religious liberties,"
said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Public Advocate's display advertisements reached 250,000 people in the
Congressional district with a question to ask Paul Ryan "Why Did Paul Ryan
Betray Religious Liberty" with a link to a page listing all the phone
numbers of the district offices.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has just allowed the First Amendment Defense Act to be gutted under his leadership.

This move is just the latest in a long line Ryan has made to support the radical Homosexual Agenda.

(Now) he's allowing the critical First Amendment Defense Act to be transformed via an amendment straight from the Homosexual Lobby.

The First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) is critical to protecting the religious liberties of Christian pastors and churches.

Yet Speaker Ryan is letting it be used to push homosexual "marriage" instead.

Please click here to contact House Speaker Ryan and tell him to stand up for Religious Liberty and Family Values.