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Sarah Palin: Donald Trump Should Keep Pro-Life GOP Platform Without Changes


Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin says likely GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump should keep the pro-life platform as is without any changes. The comments from Palin, who has endorsed and been a spokesperson for Trump, come after Trump said the Republican party platform should "absolutely" be changed to include exceptions for rape and incest.

As reported, in an April interview, Trump said he "absolutely" wants to change the Republican party's current pro-life platform to promote abortions in cases of rape or incest.

Palin said in an interview:

PALIN: I don't want the platform to change, no. That culture of life that will be built upon the pro-life views that the majority of conservatives and Republicans hold, I respect that. I - there's - I don't think that there's a need for that to change. But, when it comes to abortion, it's very sensitive. It's very - it's such a personal issue. I think that the plank in the platform is the way it should be. And I respect and support and want it to stay that way. And when we can conclude that the plank of the platform is fine as is, then we can start talking about what people are really concerned about in this nation, concerned about in this election. And that is, as I have said, debt, open borders, illegal immigrants coming on over and receiving freebies left and right, instead of our own people, especially our vets, being able to receive the benefits that they have earned, growing government, that intrusion that the failed liberal agenda so perpetuates. That's what people want to talk about.


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