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50,000 Facebook Votes: Stand Strong North Carolina!

50,000 Facebook Votes: Stand Strong North Carolina!

In the days following North Carolina's decision to ban the so-called "transgender bathroom agenda", the Homosexual Lobby and their allies have gone to war to punish the state.

Companies and entertainers have threatened to hurt North Carolina's economy if the state doesn't adopt the radical Homosexual Agenda.

One response by Public Advocate to these political terrorist-style threats was to launch a Facebook Campaign to rally support to Governor McCrory and his beleaguered state.

Public Advocate promoted memes like the one at the bottom of the page, with the text:


North Carolina may be in the national spotlight, but this issue is affecting Michigan, Virginia, Missouri and so many more!

This is a national fight.


And the response has been overwhelmingly supportive.

As of this press release, more than 50,000 Facebook Conservatives have voted their support for the North Carolina Biological Bathroom Bill with Likes, Shares and Comments on Public Advocate's posts.

"As the pressure builds on his office, Public Advocate and our supporters remind Governor McCrory that this is what's best for North Carolina and for America," Eugene Delgaudio, president Public Advocate.

The number of respondents is rising quickly. Public Advocate will update that progress to this page and here:

Credit for Artwork to "Unknown Creator".