Defending the family

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Maryland's Rep. Van Hollen, Del. Szeliga, Rep. Edwards REFUSE to support Real Marriage in U.S. Senate

Maryland candidates for the U.S. Senate from both sides of the aisle are refusing to step up for Christian Values and Real Marriage.

Leading Democrats candidates Rep. Chris Van Hollen and Rep. Donna Edwards and leading Republican candidates Del. Kathy Szeliga, Chrys Kefalas, and Richard Douglas are all staying silent on critical issues that will effect Maryland families and churches.

These and other candidates have all refused to pledge their support for Real (1 Man & 1 Woman) Marriage or to defend churches and pastors who oppose the Homosexual Lobby.

Each and every candidate has been sent a personalized Family Values Survey 2016 by U.S. Postal Service certified mail.

The U.S. Senate has the chance to restore the Right to Real Marriage and erect defenses to Christian Liberty in the future. And that is why Public Advocate has called upon every candidate for U.S. Senate to complete and return our Survey.

Each candidate was fully informed that failure to sign, complete and return their personalized Survey would be treated as an anti-Family response, earning an "automatic" 0% rating.

Green Party candidate Margaret Flowers returned her signed survey and earned a 0% Pro-Family rating.

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said "Public Advocate is calling on Maryland residents to reach out to your candidates via Phone, Email or Mail and insist they Stand Up for Real Marriage right away by completing and returning Public Advocate's Family Values Survey."

List of Top Candidates In Both Parties

Rep. Donna Edwards (Democrat)
Ph.: (240) 696-2104
Email: [email protected]
Mail Addr.: P.O. Box 44305 FORT WASHINGTON, MD 20749

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Democrat)
Ph.: (301) 942-3768
Email: [email protected]
Mail Addr.: 10605 Concord Street Suite 202 KENSINGTON, MD 20895

Del. Kathy Szeliga (Republican)
Ph.: (443) 516-7252
Email: [email protected]
Mail Addr.: P.O. Box 43516 Nottingham, MD 21236

Ralph Jaffe (Democrat)
Ph:. (410) 602-1811
Email: [email protected]
Mail Addr.: 7618 Carla Road BALTIMORE, MD 21208

Chrys Kefalas (Republican)
Ph.: (410) 941-9150
Email: [email protected]
Mail Addr.: P.O. Box 5197 BALTIMORE, MD 21224

Richard Douglas (Republican)
Ph.: (202) 257-7110
Email: [email protected]
Mail Addr.: P.O. Box 586, Battlefield Station BLADENSBURG, MD 20710

Click here to find a complete spreadsheet of all Maryland Candidates for U.S. Senate
sent a Pro-family Senate Survey by certified mail and for supporters to use to
urge their participation.