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Mr. Silent: Mitt Romney Loses Again -- "Like #Squashed Twinkie"

Mr. Silent: Mitt Romney Loses Again -- "Like Squashed Twinkie"

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said "Last Thursday, Mitt Romney gave the most animated and gosh darn exciting speech of a lifetime four years too late. It was like Marco Rubio in the last debate, all attacks on Donald Trump, but it had the impact of a squashed stale twinkie cake. People noticed but most did not really care."

Breitbart reports on one poll that says it HELPED Donald Trump:

Former Republican Party nominee Mitt Romney's speech last week, trashing GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, did little to dissuade voters from supporting the New York real estate mogul.

Thirty-one percent of Republican voters, after Romney called Trump "a phony," said they are now more likely to cast a vote for Trump and 30 percent of the voters who supported Romney in 2012 said they are more likely to vote for Trump, according to a new Morning Consult poll released Tuesday.

Roughly 20 percent of GOP voters said they're less likely to support Trump. Forty-three percent of the voters said they didn't think Romney's criticisms had an impact.