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Planet Freakness! Woman Sounds Alarm on Man in Shower, She Gets Boot

World Net Daily Reports:

A Michigan company running health clubs ejected a woman and canceled her membership after she warned other women that she had found a man using the women's locker room with the company's permission. And then a Michigan judge tossed her lawsuit over the ejection, telling her she had no grounds for complaint. The result will be an appeal of the case to the higher courts, according to a law firm working on the dispute. A statement from lawyers at Kallman Legal Group explained, "It is clear that the appellate courts in Michigan will have the final say in this case." Appeal paperwork was promised no later than Jan. 26.

The original action was filed on behalf of Yvette Cormier, who alleged Planet Fitness breached the contract, violated the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act and more when it created a policy for its health club that allows a "judgment-free zone," where any person identifying as either sex can use the locker room associated with that physical gender.

Thus, an open door when a "large, tall man" was a guest at the club and alleged he identified as a woman.

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