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"Upstate SC" lawmakers file bill to ban same-sex marriage

"Upstate SC" lawmakers file bill to ban same-sex marriage

More news media organizatons now reporting, as Fox News reports:

Two South Carolina lawmakers from the Upstate have filed a bill to ban same-sex marriage in the state and protect government officials who do not wish to officiate or recognize same-sex unions.

House Bill 4513, dubbed "South Carolina natural marriage defense act" aims to amend the state's 1976 marriage code by adding language to "defend natural marriage as between one man and one woman, to invalidate court decisions to the contrary, to require the South Carolina attorney general to defend state officials in lawsuits related to the state's definition of marriage, to prohibit enforcement of court decisions contrary to South Carolina's laws, and to protect government officials from arrest or other penalties for noncompliance with unlawful court orders."

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