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Donald Trump Confirms Receiving Public Advocate Presidential Survey - All Candidates Asked to Be Family Heroes

Donald Trump Confirming Receiving Public Advocate Presidential Survey
Trump, Others, Asked To Be Pro-family Hero

(Repost from 12-18, update: all candidates have confirmed receipt of survey)

Donald Trump has confirmed that he has received the 2016 Pro-family survey.
John Kasich, Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina have confirmed too.

Republican and Democratic party candidates have received
the Public Advocate Presidentail Survey which asks the candidate
to be a pro-family hero by taking a stand for pro-family positions
staked out by Public Advocate

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate asked Donald Trump and
other candidates: (IN PART)

"We are waiting on confirmations from every candidate in both major parties
and we invite support or opposition..........

Our survey addresses the broad categories of: Judicial Activism in support of the Homosexual Agenda, the Sanctity of Marriage and its Biblical definition, and the First Amendment mandate to protect Christian Liberty.....

..... these are very dark times for American families. States have been stripped of their Constitutional right to define marriage as between one man and one woman, while Christian institutions and individuals are seeing homosexual "marriage" forced upon them............

.......2016 is our chance to turn things around. But it won't happen if Pro-Family candidates do not speak up. We are looking for a Pro-Family Hero -- will you be that hero? "

The first question asked in the survey is:"1. Do you believe that real marriage is only between one man and one woman?" and asks 7 more questions.



Public Advocate's 2016 Pro-family Presidential Survey

This survey with each candidates name has been sent to each candidate.

Eugene Delgaudio's Letter To Ask Presidential Candidates To Be A Pro-family Hero

This letter from Eugene Delgaudio has been sent to each candidate for President for
both major parties

Proof of Mailing: Public Advocate's Presidential Survey - Republican Candidates