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Homosexual Lobby fails again at United Nations, abortion language also rolled back

Life Site News is reporting:

NEW YORK, -- A paragraph about sex education in a resolution on the rights of children stalled debate in the [United Nations] General Assembly on Tuesday and forced a vote on the resolution, which has traditionally been adopted consensually.

Europeans and Latin Americans sponsoring the resolution could not be swayed, and insisted throughout the weeks leading up to the vote that the resolution on children must contain a specific prescription for "comprehensive evidence-based education on human sexuality," and no alternative would satisfy them.

Delegations implored the sponsors of the resolution to show "sensitivity" and to recognize the lack of consensus to no avail as they tried to avert the vote altogether.

The preferred terminology of the sponsors has been controversial at the General Assembly for over a decade, but has become even more controversial since the World Health Organization published controversial guidelines for Europe in 2010 it with an aggressive model of comprehensive sexuality education that exposes children to masturbation, homosexuality, gender identity, and other controversial issues from primary school, and even earlier. . .

. . . The vote on an amendment to change offensive term with the more doctrinally neutral terminology "age-appropriate sex education," was close. 67 countries voted in favor of the amendment, 84 countries voted against it, with 41 countries abstaining or not casting a vote.