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Obama Pushes Homosexual Agenda While World Burns

Charisma News is reporting:

The rainbow hasn't just colored the White House-it's colored the president's entire legacy. For seven years, Americans have watched the Obama administration's obsession with LGBT activism eclipse every other urgent issue. Now, deep into the president's second term, they're scratching their heads trying to identify where the president has had a positive effect.

In a new poll, Obama's approval numbers are in the basement when it comes to at least 15 major policy issues. Only on the subject of "gay rights" did a slim plurality (with several "undecided") approve of his handling of the issue. Unfortunately for the president, it was also the least important issue for voters. The rest of his report card-on health care, the economy, gun rights, abortion, foreign policy, immigration and more-was a solid F. And based on his latest priorities, that isn't about to change.

"The flames have never been higher, and the heat has never been as intense. President Obama is still swimming in the gay lobby's hot tub." Said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio.