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Delgaudio asks millions: Please join me to Oppose Paul Ryan for Speaker

Delgaudio asks millions: I ask you to join me to Oppose Paul Ryan for Speaker,

In a letter to suporters on October 17, Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said:

"Congressman Paul Ryan is expected to announce his decision to run for U.S. House Speaker as early as Monday.

It's crucial for you to sign your emergency petition letting your Congressman know you oppose Ryan's dangerous potential run for Speaker right away.

That's because Paul Ryan co-sponsored and voted for the dangerous Gay Bill of Special Rights.

And if this is how he votes as a Congressman, imagine how he'll use the most powerful position in the House to make deals with the radical Homosexual Lobby?

That's why Public Advocate is leading the charge and encouraging pro-Family Americans to rise up so we can flood the halls of Congress with petitions urging they vote against Paul Ryan for Speaker........."

Public Advocate is reaching millions through social media forums with a budget and computer program designed to reach ten million by Friday when Paul Ryan has planned to announce his decision to run for Speaker.

This entire letter is posted here on a Public Advcoate affiliated website.