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Delgaudio Asks America to Call Out CNN On Religious Liberty During Debate

Public Advocate is officially calling on CNN's Jack Tapper as GOP Presidential Debate Moderator to address the issues of Christian persecution, restrictions on religious liberty and attacks on Real Marriage in America.

In the first GOP Debate, the issues of Family Values and Real Marriage were completely left out despite the spotlight shown on them with recent events (SCOTUS: Obergefell v. Hodges).

With this month's imprisonment of Kim Davis over her Christian beliefs, these issues are being discussed daily by hundreds of millions of Americans.

And America deserves to hear where the GOP Presidential Field stands with regards to Kim Davis, Judicial religious persecution and the fate of Real Marriage.

In addition to this public call to address the issue, Public Advocate supporters by the thousands will be submitting a group question directly to CNN via social media.

Will the Candidates pledge to end "Kim Davis style Jailings" and Judicial attacks on Religious Liberty?

"I expect Jack Tapper tonight to address an issue that is troubling a majority of Americans, Christian Liberty. For him to suppress Public Advocate's question and to ignore the issue would be a great disservice to the debate process," said President Eugene Delgaudio.