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Public Advocate Responds To Court "Restrain the Judges on Marriage Act" (H.R. 1968) strips Court's authority over marriage

In response to the Supreme Court decision attacking traditional marriage, Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said in a letter to supporters nationwide:


"The Supreme Court just struck down Real Marriage.

I can't say I'm surprised.

The Supreme Court Justices - controlled by the radical Homosexual Lobby - have now ruled 5-4 that homosexuals can be "married" anywhere in the United States, even if their state protects Real Marriage.

This is hardly the end of the fight for Real Marriage.

The radical Homosexual Lobby thinks Public Advocate and thousands of other pro-Family activists will just give up and quit.

But I will never stop fighting for Real Marriage.

One bill we are supporting is Representative Steve King (R-IA) bill to shred the Supreme Court's power to destroy Real Marriage. "


King's "Restrain the Judges on Marriage Act" (H.R. 1968) will remove marriage from federal court jurisdiction and ban any federal funding used to enforce court orders against Real Marriage.

Delgaudio is collecting thousands of signatures today on petitons asking for the passage of HR 1968.

Sign the Petiton Here at this link.