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Ryan Sorba's Video Chat AT Supreme Court Reveals Evidence of Fraud by Homosexual Advocates

Ryan Sorba has produced a rivoting video demonstrating exactly how homosexuals are "made" and not born with direct testimony from portions of interviews he conducted as part of his "On the Edge" news operation.

His new evidence upends and challenges the constant lie and falsehoods promoted by the homosexual lobbies that this movement is based on "birth".

Sorba is challenging the Supreme Court to consider this new evidence before they make their final decision.

"If one Justice sees this tape and the other tapes Mr. Sorba may have produced these arguments presented by pro-homosexual lawyers are shown to be false," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Mr. Sorba has a go fund me site where the video is posted and it is also posted on youtube with 27,000 + views so far.