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YAHOO IN COMA AND SHOCK: Thousands Sign Petition To Strip Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner Of His/Her Olympic Gold Medal

"Heavens to Betsy or Bruce or whatever, YAHOO thinks it okay to mess with real Americans and not get a strong and creative reaction. It does not take much to get YAHOO's panties in YAtangle. Boo Hoo Yahoo," says Eugene Delgaudio,president of Public Advocate.

Yahoo Celebrity News reports:

"While the overall reaction to Caitlyn Jenner's introduction has been overwhelmingly positive, restoring our faith in the world and making Caitlyn herself feel 'humbled' and extremely happy, there are some who haven't reacted quite so well.

In fact, a shocking petition has now been started urging the International Olympic Committee to actually REVOKE her incredible 1976 Olympic gold medal, as they claim she was "in violation of committee rules."

Yes, really.

The 65-year-old won the medal for the decathlon in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, but now some are suggesting that she should give back the medal......."