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Clinton Campaign Embraces Radical Homosexual Agenda

Hillary Clinton has just announced her campaign for U.S. President, and she is putting homosexuality and homosexual "marriage" front and center on her platform.

Her campaign announcement ad includes both a male homosexual pair and a female homosexual pair.

But far more outrageous, is the outright plug for homosexual "marriage."

The two men are pictured holding hands while a voiceover explains that they will soon be getting "married."

Clearly, Hillary Clinton intends her hypothetical presidency to be a continuation of Obama's decidedly anti-family policies.

Even her campaign logo seems to be a nod to the Human Rights Campaign, one of the biggest organizations in the Homosexual Lobby.

Public Advocate calls on every presidential candidate to stand by traditional values and real marriage regardless of which party they represent.

Americans across the entire political spectrum believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman. Yet the last three years have seen an unprecedented legal and political onslaught against real marriage and religious liberty in this country.

Is this what Hillary is promising America more of?

Obama's presidency will forever be remembered as the most anti-Family period America has yet suffered. We should not subject ourselves to more of the same.

America needs to let Hillary Clinton know that we do not need an "Obama 2.0 Regime" pushing radical anti-family values.

Public Advocate is calling on her to immediately drop the Homosexual Agenda from her political platform.