Defending the family

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Breitbart News Reports:

A gay woman in Indiana has created a stir by coming out in favor of religious liberty, showing public support for Christian-owned Memories Pizza and their decision not to cater gay weddings.

Courtney Hoffman's $20 donation to the pizzeria was symbolic, but her public stand has been significant.

The pizzeria had to close its doors after receiving a barrage of online threats when the owners said that their religious convictions would prevent them from catering same-sex weddings.

"As a member of the gay community, I would like to apologize for the mean spirited attacks on you and your business," Hoffman wrote in the note accompanying her donation.

In a remarkable show of popular support, the Christian-owned pizzeria in Walkerton, Indiana, received $842,442 in donations in only five days, sent in by 29,161 different donors. This avalanche of support blew past the initial fundraising goal of $200,000.

"My girlfriend and I are small business owners, and we think there is a difference between operating in a public market space and then attaching the name of your business to a private event," Hoffman said in a radio interview. "Like, if we were asked to set up at an anti-gay marriage rally, I mean, we would have to decline."

Hoffman said the "horrible, hate-filled attacks" against the pizzeria and its Christian owners did not reflect the gay community that she has come to know and love.

Hoffman's donation with her accompanying message brought Memories co-owner Crystal O'Connor to tears.

Nguyen kicked off the campaign last Friday, but as of Tuesday morning it had only brought in $648 in donations from 22 people.

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