Defending the family

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter and Passover greetings this week. America and its traditions
as we know it is under a homosexual rights mob assault on a weekly basis.

Easter teaches us how God's only son made the ultimate sacrifice and renewed
the face of the Earth. This past weekend churches of every faith filled to
the brim and most of America celebrated this eternal gift from God.

Liberals, the media and their homosexual assault squads hunkered down and
talked about the weather.

It is a blessing for Easter to be here finally and bring the graces I need
and that we all need."God conquers death and sin" is on everyone's lips
young and old.

Ironically it was on an Easter Sunday that I halted a homosexual ACT UP take over
of a Catholic shrine in Washington years ago. I pray and ask you to pray that
we stop the attacks on all our churches and freedom to worship God in our


Hon. Eugene Delgaudio
President Public Advocate
April 6 2015