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Benham Brothers: Satan Is Behind Attacks Against Traditional Marriage

The Christian Post Reports

David and Jason Benham, the twin brothers who were fired from an HGTV reality show because of their vocal opposition to gay marriage, have said that Satan is behind the attacks against traditional marriage.

Speaking to the socially conservative group American Family Association last week, the Benham brothers talked about the attacks Satan is inflicting on American institutions.

"America has systemically removed God from society, starting in the public schools. He's been removed from business; he's been removed from every vestige of society," said David Benham.

"Do we have any inclination that he's not going to be removed from one of the three institutions that was in working order before sin entered the world - work, Sabbath and marriage? Those three things God set in place before sin entered the world; Satan is coming after all of them."

Later in the program, Jason Benham explained that God made man and woman "a perfect physical picture of what happens in the spirit."

"It's the same thing that happens in physical intimacy between a man and a woman, and Satan is a big phony, he's a big counterfeit," Jason continued.

"He's always going to attack sex because the goal of sex is life - it's life in your marriage, it's physical life with children, it's offspring. And the devil is making war against the offspring of the woman, which means that the devil hates life."

Last year, the Benham brothers garnered national attention when their planned HGTV reality television series was canceled before the first episode ever aired after LGBT activists protested against the network for allowing anyone who opposes same-sex marriage to be featured on TV.

Since the controversy, the Benham brothers have made the rounds in conservative circles and released a book earlier this month titled Whatever the Cost.

"It's a journey where the brothers learned how they must die to their dreams not just once, but twice as they walked away from baseball before being called up to the Big Show and later as their TV series was stripped away from them just before airing when the network succumbed to media pressures surrounding their faith."

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