Defending the family

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Life Site News Reports:

Imagine that you are playing baseball. Your pitcher pitches a perfect game and your hitters amass 30 runs, but you still lose the game. What should be obvious is that you are playing the game by the wrong rules.

This ridiculous situation is analogous to the efforts of various groups to protect traditional marriage in the United States.

Beyond the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) at the federal level, most other efforts focused on the states.

State after state passed referendums and state constitutional amendments defining marriage as between one man and one woman. In every state where the question was put to the people in a democracy, they supported the traditional definition of marriage. In fact, it never failed. In the 31 states that submitted a constitutional amendment supporting traditional marriage to the people, it passed. It passed every single time.

Thirty-one up, and thirty-one down. Defenders of traditional marriage pitched a perfect game, and they lost.

The states and the people were overwhelmingly on the side of traditional marriage and none of it mattered; none of it. This is because their opponents are playing a different game with different rules.

In the past two years, after the Supreme Court of the United States overturned DOMA, federal courts have thrown out state-level bans one after another. What the people voted for and what the people wanted did not matter one bit.

This issue is not just about the courts, and gay "marriage" is just one front-line of retreat in the overall culture war we are losing. During these past years, we have dealt with several assaults on religious liberty by a constitutionally unfettered executive branch and its thug enforcers in the bureaucracy.

This fight is made ever more difficult in that to overcome this ever-encroaching federal behemoth, we must also overcome many of our own bishops who have foolishly embraced, individually and in conference, federal overreach if it was perceived to advance some narrow policy preference. The religious leaders backed centralized government-run healthcare even though it posed obvious and predictable threats to individual liberty and religious liberty. They back gross executive abuse of power because it theoretically supports immigrants, even though this same gross executive abuse of power is a clear and present danger to religious liberty. They feed the monster and then act shocked when it bites.

We must all realize that the real threat is an all-encompassing and encroaching centralized secularist government or be resigned to failure and ever-hardening tyranny.

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