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Ted Cruz Plans to Introduce Traditional Marriage Amendment, Condemns Supreme Court Overreach

Washington Blade is reporting;

President Obama gave a strong indication during the State of the Union address on Tuesday he believes the U.S. Constitution guarantees marriage rights for same-sex couples, but Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) doesn't share that view.

"Well, he is certainly entitled to his views, and I think the proper place to debate those issues is in the legislative chambers," Cruz replied. "I'm a constitutionalist. From the beginning of this country, marriage has been a question of the states, and we should not have the federal government, or unelected judges, setting aside the policy judgment of the elected legislatures and imposing their own instead."

As he announced in October, Cruz told the Blade he still intends to introduce a constitutional amendment that would prohibit judges from overturning state laws on marriage, but suggested courts already lack the authority to rule in favor of marriage equality.

Cruz made the remarks in the context of the U.S. Supreme Court agreeing to hear cases seeking marriage rights for same-sex couples filed in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee in what is widely anticipated as the first step in delivering a nationwide ruling on the issue. Additionally, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals seemed poised to strike down the ban on same-sex marriage in the Republican senator's own state of Texas.

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