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Public Advocate Launches Official Facebook Page Rallying Support for Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran

Public Advocate has launched a Facebook page rallying support for Atlanta's Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran and Public Advocate's president Eugene Delgaudio announced visits to Atlanta to show solidarity.

A link to the Kelvin Cochran Support Facebook page can be found here:

There are many groups, churches and leaders speaking out in the cause of Cochran and religious freedom, Public Advocate is reaching out to all of them with plans to join them with the pro-Family efforts.

A report on Cochran and Public Advocate's efforts has been sent to key pro-family legislators and Atlanta area pastors to hold the Mayor and the City of Atlanta accountable for their attacks on Christians.

We are also reaching out directly to the residents of Atlanta who are suffering the most from this disruption of safety services and are in mortal danger from this direlection or abandonment of duty by sworn office holders.

Public Advocate promises to using our tried and true grass roots tactics.
Public Advocate has staged peaceful protests, public events and news conferences in proven outeach methods that are widely discussed in thousands of news sites in America's top 50 cities.
Public Advocate has been to Atlanta before and this is a return to Atlanta for Public Advocate.
Public Advocate's Facebook support pages have been proven over and over again in grassroots fights. Our page will serve to mobilize Cochran's supporters and to further assist them in the fight.

This issue is uniting Americans on both sides of the traditional aisle.

Public Advocate will not rest until all Christians in Georgia are safe from the Homosexual Lobby's persecution.

A link to Public Advocate's Facebook Page can be found here:

DISCLAIMER: Public Advocate is not affiliated with Former Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran and this is not authorized by him. Public Advocate is not affiliated with any candidate for public office and this is not authorized by any candidate or committee.