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Public Advocate Storms Atlanta To Defend Christian Firefighters


and you will get this request (text only)

Atlanta's mayor has terminated Fire Chief Kevin Cochran just for being Christian and speaking out against homosexuality.

Below is the full news report by Fox News:

I hope you agree with me that it is completely unacceptable for Mayor Reed to censor Christianity.

And it is even worse that he is putting his liberal ideology before the lives of Atlanta residents.

The mayor cannot make safety decision -- such as who is qualified to fight fires -- based on radical, personal beliefs.

Christians and pro-family advocates across the country are rallying to Chief Cochran's side.

Public Advocate of the United States is focusing our efforts on alerting Atlanta area residents to this outrageous violation of Free Speech.

I need you to contact Mayor Reed's office right now and insist he reinstate Chief Kevin Cochran and issue a full apology for censoring Christian, pro-Family speech.

Mayor Reed's Office: (404) 330-6100

Thank you for your help!


President, Public Advocate of the United States

Dear Eugene:

Thanks for sharing this video. I want to help.

In addition to my phone call, I want to help Public continue your critical programs protecting the Family and standing against the radical Homosexual Lobby.

I understand how important every contribution is right now. That is why I am sending you a generous donation of:

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