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LSU Faculty Staff Says Gov. Bobby Jindal's Prayer Event "Damages the University and Conflicts with its Values"

The Daily Reveille is reporting;

Plans for Gov. Bobby Jindal's upcoming prayer rally are drawing criticism from the LSU Faculty Senate.

When students and faculty come back from winter break Jindal will host "The Response," a prayer rally in the PMAC on Saturday, Jan. 24. The University cannot deny the PMAC from any group who pays the rental fee.

"Thus, the University may not have the authority to prevent the use of this facility by its sponsor, the AFA, which, as readers of the newspapers know, has voiced a variety of views that seem inconsistent with the goals and aspirations of a great university," LSU Faculty Senate President Kevin Cope said in an email.

Cope said "The Response" event conflicts with the University's values as it is partially paid for by the American Family Association, a religious group opposing LGBT rights and gay marriage. Cope wrote the prayer rally associates the University with intolerance.

"...Faculty Senate representatives have stressed that the "Response" event both damages the University and conflicts with its values, whether by associating intolerance with University venues or interfering with the goal of disseminating the best in science," Cope said in the email.

At the next Faculty Senate general meeting, Thursday, Jan. 22, two resolutions regarding the prayer rally and intolerance will be discussed.

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