Defending the family

NFL DirectTV NFL AD Promotes Homosexuality

The new Direct TV cable commercial campaign features two men embracing/tackling as they discuss football in their home.

They don't use the word marriage, but they make it clear they are a couple and this is their home. According to the liberal mindset it is quite okay to use corporate funding to promote attacks on tradtional families while NFL players are under attack for breaking the law, abusing their spouses and being charged with child abuse.

Adweek reports

A same-sex couple locked in an embrace (or is it a tackle?) smash through their home in slow-motion in a surprisingly inclusive spot for DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket.

These guys have a "friendly rivalry." One roots for the New York Giants, and the other for the Dallas Cowboys. At first, viewers might think it's just a moment of roughhousing between friends, but they eventually make it clear by saying that, while they may argue sometimes, "we're just like any couple."

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