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Senator Tom Coburn: Let's Change the Constitution

The Hill Reports:

Sen. Tom Coburn is pushing for a national convention to amend the Constitution.

The Oklahoma Republican, who has grown disenchanted with gridlock in Washington, will officially launch his effort after he retires from the Senate in a few months.

Support for a convention of the states to overhaul the nation's charter document has increased among conservatives, who are frustrated by Congress's failure to reform entitlement programs.

"I think we ought to have a balanced budget amendment, I think we ought to have term limits. I think we ought to put a chokehold on regulation and re-establish the powers of the Congress," he said.

Coburn has been in contact with Michael Farris, the chancellor of Patrick Henry College, and Mark Meckler, the president of Citizens for Self-Governance, who are leading a push for a convention of the states.

"By 2020, 89 percent of the federal budget will be consumed by interest on the national debt, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. That's unsustainable," Farris added. "Getting fiscal restraints on the federal government in the areas of taxing, spending and debt; it's essential for the survival of the country."

Conservative radio host Mark Levin has also endorsed a convention of the states.

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