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The Kansas Showdown

The Kansas City Star Reports:

After a campaign over issues as new as Facebook and as old as a mailbox, Republicans across Kansas must decide Tuesday if they'll nominate Pat Roberts for another term in the U.S. Senate - or endorse tea party newcomer Milton Wolf for the seat.

Public polling has been scarce. The latest Survey USA poll, taken in mid-July, showed Roberts with a 20-point lead in the race among likely GOP voters, down from a 33-point margin in June.

And 12 percent were undecided.

That suggests the race could still tilt either way, although Roberts remains the favorite. "Roberts & finds himself no longer able to take (the race) for granted," the pollsters said.

The campaigns will make their final arguments this weekend. Here's a look at what voters should know:

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Interesting Fact: Conservative and Tea Partier Dr. Milton Wolf is President Barack Obama's 2nd Cousin.

Roberts (left), Wolf

Roberts (left), Wolf

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