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Chaos: Marriage California Style

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California is going beyond being one of the 19 states currently allowing same-sex "marriage" by revolutionizing the sacred institution even further with Gov. Jerry Brown's (D) signing of Senate Bill 1306, which eradicates from state laws references to "husband and wife."

Another pro-family leader is also very outspoken about the implications and timing of SB 1306 in his home state of California.

Thomasson, Randy ("To do this in an election year is brazen defiance of the voters and cold-hearted indifference to the needs of children," said president Randy Thomasson. "Jerry Brown's signature and the Democrat-controlled Legislature's approval of SB 1306 clearly shows who's for, against, or ambivalent about marriage being naturally for one man and one woman, and children doing best with a married father and mother under the same roof."

Thomasson maintains that all of the legal maneuverings to change marriage will not change what children fundamentally need.

"Despite judges, politicians, laws, or polls, real marriage is, has been, and always will be between a man and a woman, which, without a doubt, is the best environment to raise children, " Thomasson proclaimed, noting that 74 Democrats and 5 Republicans voted yes on SB 1306. "A republic is a government based on a written constitution and written laws, not upon the biases of judges or politicians."

He says that regardless of how committed homosexuals may be to their partners and children, the unnatural dynamic of their relationship can never produce the ideal natural environment God intended for marriage.

"To repeat: The implications of redefining marriage are staggering, and those of us who love and cherish marriage and family need to redouble our efforts and renew our courage to stand up for what is right and what is best, making a fresh determination to swim against the current flood tide of semantic and social confusion," Brown declares. "True marriage and family will prevail in the end."

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Thomasson, Randy (

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