Defending the family

Let Us Not Remain Silent

Rev. Rafael Cruz, director of Purifying Fire Ministries and father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), said the Christian church in America is under attack "more and more every day," and noted that many pastors are afraid of losing their tax-exempt status if they speak out on political issues.

Cruz stressed, however, that "no church in America has ever lost it's tax-exempt status for speaking on what's happening in the country."

Rev. Cruz further said, "But you know, we're seeing the church under attack more and more every day. There is an attack on Christianity."

Rev. Cruz fought against the Communists in Cuba, was arrested there and tortured. He eventually fled the island in 1957 at age 18. He eventually settled in Texas and his Dallas-based church also operates Christian ministries in Mexico and Central America. His son, Ted Cruz, is the junior senator from Texas, a Republican, and the first Cuban-American to hold that office.

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