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Missouri governor faces impeachment over 'marriage' executive order

Republicans in the Missouri State House have brought three charges of impeachment against Democratic Governor Jay Nixon.

The main charge relates to an Executive Order by Nixon that allows same-sex couples who "marry" in other states to file tax returns jointly in the state. Nixon said he was forced to make the decision because of how the state and federal tax codes are linked, but Republicans say it violates the state's voter-approved constitutional amendment banning same-sex "marriage."

"This is such a blatant and serious violation of Missouri's constitution and Missouri law that the governor should be removed from office," said Republican legislator Nick Marshall. The Executive Order came after the Supreme Court declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.

An impeachment motion would have to get through the full House, which held a committee hearing on the resolutions on Wednesday. It would then move to a seven-seat panel picked by the Senate, where five of seven judges would have to vote in favor of impeachment.

A hearing on this week mostly focused on the same-sex "marriage"-related charges. Another hearing in the House will take place next Wednesday.

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