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Valentines In Love With Gay Agenda: Virginia Governor McAuliffe and AG Herring

In a message to Virginia supporters, Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate said, in part:

Late last night, a judge decided to rule Virginia's Real Marriage Amendment "unconstitutional."

That's right, Virginia is about to become yet another "homosexual 'marriage' state."

And he did it at the urging of our own attorney general Mark Herring......

Gov. McAuliffe and AG Herring couldn't be happier........

But sadly, Virginia is not alone.

My friend, right now we are seeing a domino effect across pro-Family states.

Since December, four states have had over-reaching judges rule their real marriage amendments unconstitutional.

Public Advocate and grassroots activists are fighting back, but we need to bring more public attention to what is going on.

That's why I need you to call Richmond today and let them know how you feel.

First, call Governor Terry McAuliffe and let him know how important the marriage amendment is to you, and that you expect him to defend our state's laws and traditions.


And then call Attorney General Mark Herring's office and let him know that he has violated his oath of office by litigating AGAINST Virginia's marriage amendment.

804 786-2071

Please do not be silent.

#End of Delgaudio Message To Virginia Supporters#

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