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Florida Teen Expelled For Performing In Gay Porn Allowed Back To School.....Teen Porn Now A Gay Right

"In Florida, due in part to homosexual rights adults cheering him on and new anti-family laws on the books in Florida, it is quite legal for a young person to be public abused in a homosexual porn video as long as he is paid for it and he is "consenting young adult". So producing homosexual teen porn is now a gay rights battle," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

CBS news reports:

A student who turned to (homosexual) porn to help pay the bills had been kicked out of school.

Robert Marucci told WKMDG Local 6 (CBS) that made the decision to because he considered the job just that - work that would help with his family's financial issues.

For his effort, Marucci says he's been bullied by students and now, he says the school is bullying him.

Local 6 says Marucci's mother was aware of what her son was doing and that he did so to support her financially. "I think he's the most awesome person in the world," she said. "He stood up and he was the man of the house when I couldn't be." Administrators cited threats Marucci allegedly made, but his mother says the expulsion was purely a reaction to his career. Some of the school's students staged a walkout in solidarity with Marucci last week, a move he says he was not involved with.

Mother supports son, 18, who was kicked out of high school for starring in gay porn.

The mother of a student who was kicked out of high school after starring in gay porn to help pay his family's bills said she couldn't be prouder.

Melyssa Lieb, from Cocoa, Florida, said she vehemently supports her son, 18-year-old Robert Marucci, who was suspended from his high school after classmates discovered his explicit career.

Even after his suspension, Marucci remained unapologetic for the work he considers no different any other job. He pointed out that it is legal and doesn't believe a school can tell him where he can work.

The debacle began two weeks ago when fellow students at Cocoa High School discovered his videos on an adult website and started showing each other the explicit images on their phones.

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