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Examiner: Sarah's online army: Warriors 'Going Rogue' vs Geek Milbank's Palin Feb. blackout

Examiner Newspaper online reports: Tonight, January 31, 2011, only hours away from a media boycott, or blackout of Sarah Palin -- pledged and proposed for all mainstream media by Dana Milbank -- Sarah Palin's volunteer internet army, of nearly 30 major online Palin blogs, is organized and ready to fight back. They are going on offense, launching their own full cyber-throated effort to make certain that Dana Milbank FAILS and Sarah Palin OWNS February.

Organized, with their keyboards poised for a "shock and awe" battle against the proposed liberal Palin black-out, social media warriors intend to push stories about Palin every day for the month of February.

Though Milbank started this war, Sarah Palin's loyal online support groups intend to finish it.

Following, transcribed from sources across the web is a list of just a few of the online Sarah Palin, February 2011 social media plans set to "Go Rogue." All they are waiting for is a few hours for the calendar to turn the page to February.

February proclaimed Reagan/Palin Appreciation Month:

During February, as we celebrate President Reagan's legacy and Governor Palin's accomplishments, the Palin-friendly blogs that participate in Reagan/Palin Appreciation Month will be ramping up their coverage of all things Sarah Palin in a show of support for Governor Palin. We are asking all Sarah Palin supporters to sign the Reagan/Palin Appreciation Month Proclamation........

And this :
Organizing for Palin: ( Organize4Palin )
Launch of "" blog site
All Palin February-- (announced by conservative blog iOwnTheWorld)

and more at this link

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