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The Communists Are Back And They’ve Taken Over The White House

In an unsurprising but still nauseating admission, the White House communications director Anita Dunn praised Communist dictator and mass murderer Chairman Mao. She admitted that he is one of her favorite philosophers and admired his ability to make difficult choices.

Mao Zedong was the mastermind behind the Communist rise on mainland China and the defeat of the Nationalists. While China was under Mrs. Dunn's favorite philosophers rule an estimated 40 to 80 million people were killed by his regime.

When asked to comment, Anita Dunn claimed that she was 'kidding." Read the full article here and watch the video and determine whether or not it looks like she was joking. If she was, she should be applauded for keeping such a straight face while telling such a bad joke.

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Where did the Obama team learn how to polarize the American public so well and why do avid communists keep springing up in the presidents past?

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