Defending the family

Transcript of Gay Parliamentarian’s Murder Threat

On April 24, MP Alan Duncan, shadow leader in the House of Commons, appeared on the popular British TV panel show “Have I Got News For You” and called Carrie Prejean a "silly b***h.”

He then went on to say; “If you read that miss California has been murdered you’ll know it was me, wont you.

(Crowd laughing nervously, hissing)

(Katy Brand) - That’s a H*@l of a statement to make there on camera.

(Paul Merton) - Someone planning to be Home Security says that “if she dies tomorrow.”

(Lady) - What are you going to do?

(Frank Skinner) - Nothing like Freedom of Speech from a Tory? She disapproves of same sex marriages so she deserves to die by your hand?

(Paul Merton) - We will not put up with this intolerance.

Mr. Duncan was the first sitting member of Parliament to openly declare his homosexuality and is the aspiring Home Secretary.

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