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Delgaudio at Values Voters Summit: Session's Memo on Religious Liberty is "Toothless"

Eugene Delgaudio in informal talks in between sessions with attendents at the 12th Annual Values Voters Summit in our nation's capital being held in Washington this week responded to Attorney General Jeff Session statement on Religious Liberty.

Eugene Delgaudio in talks with attendees at the Omni Shorham and in a message to supporters
is saying (in part) :

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions has seemingly just issued a pro-Christian memorandum for the entire Executive Branch.

In it he reaffirms the presidential administration's commitment to religious liberty.

Which all sounds nice.

But I'm afraid to say it's hardly enough.

This memo is so full of wishy-washy language that it won't actually change anything.

America expects to see REAL change in the executive departments and agencies.

A spineless, toothless memo just won't cut it....."

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