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Public Advocate Supports President Trump's Ban on Transgenders in U.S. Military

Public Advocate of the U.S. hosted an event at the Republican
National Committee offices in support of President Donald Trump's policy
to ban transgenders in the U.S. military, this past Thursday August 3rd at 11AM in
Washington, D.C.

Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate, speaking to a crowd assembled
in front of the Republican National Committee building said: "A number of
Generals wrote a letter of support Wednesday and Americans are
responding favorably and supporting President Donald Trump's announced
planned ban of transgenders in the military.

And Americans equally support an end to the use of taxpayer funds to pay for elective sex
change operations in the military. We are here to express support for
President Trump and the Republican National Committee to do more to
support this announced policy as well, " Delgaudio said.

The group held signs, sang some patriotic songs and chanted Military Readiness
Now, Okay!" and marched up First Street to Constitution Avenue and waved to passing
cars with their signs.

Public Advocate volunteers and citizens gathered at the Republican National
Committee located at 310 First St SE, Washington, DC 20003 to urge
members of Congress and other Republican officials to support the Trump
ban. Two retired veterans spoke in support of the proposed
Trump ban on transgenders, Aubrey Burrow and Bill Cleveland.

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