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Public Advocate Supporters Celebrate Reversal of Transgender

In a letter to supporters Thursday Feb.23, first day of the Conservative Political Action Conference, Eugene Delgaudio said the following in part to his supporters:

"YOU made change happen!

President Trump just issued an executive order that is significantly reducing the Homosexual Lobby's radical "transgender bathroom" agenda.

You see, Trump revoked Obama's radical decree that forced every school in the nation to allow any man -- including students -- who chose to "identify" as a girl to access the girls' locker rooms and bathrooms or be defunded.

And no one is more appreciative about this than your Public Advocate.

Since day one, you and I have been on the frontlines fighting back against the Homosexual Lobby's perverse "transgender bathrooms" agenda.

In fact, when this order was introduced, Public Advocate mobilized hundreds of thousands of pro-Family Americans to demand their state Governors and Attorneys General to defy it.

And by the following weekend, Governors and Attorneys General took a stand and actively fought back against Obama's decree by implementing their own state laws and ensuring schools were still protected.

But I was the only one who took the fight directly to President Obama and his entire administration.

After his decree, I immediately smelled a rat when Obama claimed that it was a national "crisis" in our schools to not allow people to use the bathroom they preferred -- instead of the bathroom designed for their biology.

I set Public Advocate with the task of finding the proof -- or lack thereof -- of these alleged issues and complaints.

Thanks to the help of Public Advocate supporters like you, we were able to cover the costly expense of filing a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request demanding Obama officials hand over their so-called "evidence."

It took months to force the Obama administration to finally admit the truth, but we got it.

Public Advocate released nearly 500 pages of government documents to the media outlining the true extent of the "crisis."


The Obama administration received complaints regarding exactly SIX children and their parents.

On the other hand, our research uncovered thousands of letters from parents complaining ABOUT Obama's new policy.

Obama's blatant lies made national headlines, and the Homosexual Lobby's radical Agenda was once again exposed just before last year's election.

Many independent political experts acknowledge this was one of the main issues that drove social conservatives to shock the world by electing President Donald Trump.

But on that historic night, I immediately crafted a letter to President-elect Trump, urging him to repeal Obama's transgender decree.

Despite being President of Public Advocate, I knew one letter signed by one person wouldn't be enough.

That's why I asked you and thousands of pro-Family Americans to sign-on and encourage Trump to repeal Obama's dangerous Executive Order immediately.

Thank you President Trump for responding to concerned parents and Public Advocate supporters, " said Delgaudio.

copy of Trump Order here:

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