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Public Advocate Takes On Oscars, Bill Maher, Hollywood Child Rape Rings

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, in a letter today Feb. 24, to 250,000 contacts and supporters said the following:

"CPAC has a frustrating habit of courting the Homosexual Lobby's "conservative" infiltrators.

Public Advocate has gone to battle with CPAC in the past and successfully driven out the Homosexual Lobby -- but the organizers wanted to try again with Milo; despite strong protests from your Public Advocate.

Well, I'm glad to see that even a stumbling CPAC won't condone pedophilia.


Reports now have surfaced that radically liberal has performed a complete purge of all their "pro-pedophile" articles from their political website now that they are using it to attack Yiannopoulos.

Well, neither you nor I will be falling for their shell-game.

We know what the Left really thinks of conservative, moral values.

Just like we know how the Hollywood Elite mock the values of mainstream America.

Hollywood is riddled with propaganda and conspiracy to advance the radical Homosexual Agenda.

That's why Public Advocate has called for a full Boycott of the 2017 Oscars by average Americans like you and me.

It's ironic that this Milo/pedophilia story broke just days before the 2017 Oscars.

Stories have circulated for years of rampant pedophile rings operating in the Hollywood community; of child actors who were frequently abused.

More and more stories come to light as once-child actors speak up, trying to blow the whistle.

With the Left's deceitful "reverse" on the issue of pedophilia, I think that's all the more reason for America to boycott the Oscars.

So please, share our Boycott the Oscars badge on your social media or on your Facebook wall.

Let's show the Left and Hollywood that we won't tolerate their perverse agenda any longer!" said Delgaudio.

Please join the nearly 1600 likes, 300+ shares on facebook and on post this meme other social media. Thank you.

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