Defending the family


In light of the all the talk about the Soviet Union stealing elections and such, we call out the falsehoods by the White House again. It was not the Russians. It was supporters of Public Advocate that called out Obama and the Clinton policies.

The day after the November 2016 election, Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate said in part:

Statement of Eugene Delgaudio

HEADLINE:"Religious liberty at heart of Clinton loss"

That local headline is one of only a handful accurately explaining the election result.

Every so-called political "expert" and pundit in the liberal media is offering dozens of reasons why Trump won and Hillary lost.

But they continue to ignore the real truth.

This election was a rebuke on Barack Obama's assault on Religious Liberty and Hillary's campaign focused on expanding the Homosexual Lobby's radical Agenda.

Despite several exit polls proving Religious Liberty was a top issue for many voters...

...the liberal media, controlled by the radical Homosexual Lobby, is intentionally ignoring Tuesday's massive pro-Family tidal wave.

That's because they refuse believe we -- pro-Family Americans -- greatly outnumber the small percentage of homosexuals, transgenders and atheists seeking to destroy Religious Liberty.

It's in their best interest to promote a false narrative that paints us as the minority so they can convince politicians not to worry about blowback for voting against the Traditional Values.

That couldn't be farther from the truth.

You see, the Homosexual Lobby put everything they had in to the state, they hope that repealing North Carolina's Biological Bathroom Bill (H.B. 2) would pave the way for their radical "transgender bathroom agenda."

But Public Advocate robbed the Homosexual Lobby of the victory they needed to take their "transgender bathroom agenda" nationwide.

(Many millions of) North Carolinians who view Public Advocate's ads were able to see past the Homosexual Lobby's misinformation campaign and put a stop to their "transgender bathroom agenda."

This is a huge win for pro-Family America.

I watched for days as experts said North Carolina was rooting for transgender bathrooms and that Religious Liberty was all but lost in the state.

But I knew that could not be true and I refused to believe it..................

And despite all of the Homosexual Lobby's massive misinformation campaign, a veto-proof pro-Family Majority remains in control of the North Carolina legislature..................."

End of Statement

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