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Latest: Public Advocate reaching millions - coming to aid of North Carolina's Women and Children Now

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Updated Again November 3.

"Every single major Clinton surrogate, including President Obama, are now in North Carolina in the closing days of this national election and every commentator says Trump must win North Carolina to win the presidency.

And Public Advocate is reaching millions of citizens with online social media advertisements opposing President Obama's transgender policies. One of our online efforts has registered 10 million impressions, says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate."

Updated with this statement today Oct. 25:


"Public Advocate has been reaching 1000s of citizens in North Carolina in recent days using

various social media outreach with display advertisements and other methods."

Public Advocate is coming to the aid of North Carolina as the Homosexual Lobby attacks the state over the implementation of HB2, the Biological Bathroom Bill, earlier this year in the next 24 hours as that state makes choices in their federal and statewide representatives in government.

The Homosexual Lobby has created a storm of lies and baseless fears in order to trick North Carolina voters with regards to this issue.

Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate said:

"We will be using our multi-media techniques to educate North Carolina citizens as to the value of HB 2 -- and the dangers of "transgender bathrooms" -- while building pressure on candidates from both parties to support safe and secure private facilities in North Carolina, via HB2.

Public Advocate's message will alert hundreds of thousands of North Carolina residents to the threat facing their state. North Carolina has taken the lead in America in resisting the Homosexual Lobby's "transgender bathroom" agenda, and Public Advocate will fully support them in this fight.

Updated: This is the Public Advocate statement seen by North Carolina citizens only

Updated: Some images being used. Full representation of ads at this link on our website.

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