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Alabama Court of Political Correctness May Hang Judge Roy Moore Today, Pro-Gay Mob Demands His End

Fox News reports today, in Alabama:

"The nine-member Court of the Judiciary is weighing Moore's intent: Was his memo a defiant effort to try to block gay marriage, or, as Moore contends, a well-meant response to state judges who had raised questions about the status of the state court's March order?"

"Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore defended his actions before a judicial discipline panel on Wednesday, calling it "ridiculous" to accuse him of encouraging judges to defy the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling legalizing gay marriage.

The outspoken Republican jurist could be removed from office for the second time in 13 years if the Court of the Judiciary finds he violated the state's canons of judicial ethics.

Moore said he was merely providing a status update to Alabama's 68 probate judges. His administrative order explained that because the Alabama Supreme Court had not rescinded its earlier order to refuse licenses to same-sex couples, it remained in effect months after the high court ruling.

"I don't encourage anyone to defy a federal court or state court order," Moore said. "I gave them a status in the case, a status of the facts that these orders exist. That is all I did." "

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