Defending the family

Impeachment Awaits Hillary Clinton in Congress Now

In a message sent over several days to one million Americans, Eugene Delgaudio, president
of Public Advocate has said, in part:

Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be possibly the most corrupt politician in America.

We've seen evidence produced of countless acts of criminal negligence, corruption and deceit.

She even left Americans to die in Benghazi.

Yet she's not faced one indictment, not one criminal charge.

Instead, she's been praised by the media and President Obama while securing the nomination for president from one of America's two primary political parties.

Is Hillary Clinton above the law?..................

The United States Congress is the only force left that can take action against her...........

I'm formally calling on Congress to act now to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her actions."

Please sign our grass roots petition to Congress in demanding the impeachment of Hillary Clinton.

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