Defending the family

President Obama Orders Women In Military To Accept Men in Their Showers

In a message to supporters of Public Advocate, Eugene Delgaudio, president said in part:

"It wasn't enough for President Obama to threaten to force every school in the nation to allow men in the girls' locker rooms and bathrooms or face lawsuits.

Now his administration is going to force their radical agenda on our nation's brave women in uniform.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter delivered Obama's latest gift to the radical Homosexual Lobby at a recent press conference.

With the Pentagon lifting its ban on transgender troops, female soldiers will be forced to share showers and barracks with men who simply "identify" as women.

In typical Obama administration fashion, this new policy was created out of thin air.

Not a single member of Congress voted on it.

I've warned since he was re-elected, President Obama would seek to reward the Homosexual Lobby by fulfilling their radical Agenda before he leaves office. "

End of statement from Delgaudio.

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