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Twitter is blocking #GaysForTrump?

Twitter is blocking #GaysForTrump

One blogger says: Twitter must have gotten the order from Vince Foster/Benghazi/Arab Spring founder Hillary Clinton and killed "Gays for Trump" with the instruction: "We must not let this out.

Of course this actual reaction from hundreds of political gay conservatives destroys the political perversion that "Christians are responsible for mass murder" which they are not.

A blogger named Vanity on Free Republic posts:


"Monday night before I went to sleep I was watching the news and on my Note 5 going thru websites like Freep and others. I was on Twitter going thru the comments on #TrumpTrain & #Trump2016 I was at the Trump rally last weekend in Tampa and I posted some pictures to those two hashes. I noticed a message with #GayForTrump one one post and clicked to check it out. I started reading thru the messages posted.

I was touched.

There were gays that after last weekend saw that the Liberal Establishment has sold them out. Many of the posters from #TrumpTrain & Trump2016 were showing up with a "Welcome" and condolences for what happened. One gay man posted he was "Welcomed" over 100 times.

Some of them were funny like "Christians might not approve of my marriage to another man, but I don't have to worry about them shooting up the wedding."

Before I went to sleep I saw that #GaysForTrump was trending. I remember my last thought before sleep. "Wow, Liberal heads are going to explode if this gets bigger"

Yesterday morning I noticed it wasn't Trending, but there were many posts, you had to refresh constantly to keep up. By the afternoon I checked again and saw that #LGBTQHatesTrumpParty was trending and if you check it was all spam. I imagined the Hillary Campaign called Twitter "NOBODY IS ALLOWED OFF THE RESERVATION!"

As of this posting I noticed the bogus hash has dissapeard from the Trending list.

If you have the time, hop over to #GaysForTrump and welcome those that have the distinction of having to "Come Out" twice. Some of us here might have reservations to their lifestyle, but in the end we are all Americans." (unquote)

Note: some twitter commenters note that "trending" has been altered to remove "GaysforTrump" and auto complete which is
a function of Twitter does not complete for a topic that has thousands of posts.

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